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The ultimate guide to effective Mandaue City body rubs

Are you feeling tense or stressed from work activities? Or perhaps, you've overstretched your muscles? You need not worry. Body rubs massage is right to put you in a fit position.

How do you get the best from your session? Not as tricky as it seems — you have to prepare well. Fortunately, your presence here means a lot. You'll get to discover the dos and don'ts before a body rub session.

Things you must do before a body rub.

Okay, your session is in 24 hours, and you have no idea how to go about the preparation. Here's what you should do if you want to walk out of your appointment relieved and much stronger:

Hydrate before and after your appointment

First off, hydrate well before your visit, and do the same after the session. Why is this in place, you may ask? Well, crucial to our notice, massage helps release toxins that build up in one body region. The process involves the circulation of blood and oxygen, which is usually dehydrating. You can help yourself by releasing these toxins out. Put merely, hydration will do the work perfectly fine.

Go along with loose clothes.

You'll need to put on loose clothes. Before the body rubs, your therapist will request you to undress. You can either wear them. Or better still, go with them to ease the process. When you finish a session, your body feels relaxed and in comfort. Restrictive or tight clothes in this condition are of no good.

Breathe normally

Most people tend to hold their breath while having a session, and it is undermining. Body rub is therapeutic. The therapist is in charge of loosening your body. You're responsible for relaxing your mind. There's no better way to enter a relaxing mood other than breathing normally. Holding your breath comes with some consequences, including tightened toxins. Let it flow as supposed.

Embrace effective communication

You want the best massage, right? You have to communicate your way through it. Don't just lie down, waiting for a miraculous transformation. Yes, your therapist may be a professional, but nothing works well without your help. It's your job to discuss tensed areas. By doing this, you tend to help your therapist adjust the situation as quickly as possible.

Four things to avoid before having body rubs

Heading over to the second critical aspect of this piece: what are the things to avoid before a therapeutic visit?


Water? You're in safe hands. But it's usually not the case when you're using alcohol for a session. Indeed, you can cause more harm to your body. At this point, your body needs optimal hydration. Drinking alcohol is a no-no and shouldn't be considered.


Is it possible to stay away from the sun? This seems complicated, but it is achievable, especially when matched with other essential goals. Doctors recommend staying off the sun a day before visiting to prevent sunburnt skin. Think of it; it wouldn't be helpful if your therapist is massaging a sunburnt skin.

The immune system performs less when it's weak. Knowing fully well that you can't cheat nature, when these breakdowns occur, ensure you change your plans. Feeling ill and having body rubs don't go hand in hand. You could pass the sickness to other regions. Hence, your best option is to schedule another date for your appointment.


You have every right to take a bath but do the right thing instead. A hot shower is unfitting before a massage. Although it can inflate your circulation, you also expose yourself to frequent sweating. Using warm water hours to your session would do better.

Benefits of utilizing bodyrubs

Erotic massage is very sensual. The body responds quickly. Most people call it sex massage, as it is sensitive. What's more interesting is the relief gotten after each session. You'll want to come back for more.

Truly, massage is an encouraged practice. Attached are some other benefits. They include:

Allows fresh skin cell to emerge

Rub ratings are of different types, depending on the service you want. But with lotion and oil, spreading over your body, producing new skin cells is nothing new.

Calms the nervous system

There's this irreplaceable feeling attached to every appointment. Few minutes after your session began, you're already relaxed and enjoying your moment at the massage parlor. Your body enters a calm mode, and this is because your hormones gain some balance. The bad ones that exhibit like stress, fatigue, and tight muscles go away. And new productive hormones start to develop.

Improved breathing

Body regions such as the ribs, chest, and neck assist breathing. The therapist may ask you to breathe slowly at the beginning of a session. To reduce stress quickly, practice unrestricted breathing. Your body needs oxygen badly.

A healthy heart

Attached to a body rub is vasodilation that releases more blood flow and oxygen to the heart. Immediately, your cardiovascular system enters into a comfort mode. In turn, blood pressure and heart rate become moderate.

Enhanced blood flow supply

Yes, bones have their blood, and a healthy massage does the supply. Interestingly enough, your bone gets the same benefit as your muscles. Minerals like calcium develop rapidly, strengthen the bone, and improve its functions.

Musculoskeletal benefit

Here's another benefit of a full-body massage. The muscle is like foam. Blood and lymph fluid squeeze out when it's contracted. If laid to rest, new blood and hormones develop. Having a massage helps to remove lactic acid and other metabolic composition, causing contraction.

Lymphatic balance

The lymphatic system helps to regulate the body's fluid. While your therapist flushes blood through your muscle, the lymphatic system disowns dead cells, pathogens — and waste products.


Mandaue City Body rubs serve as a great way to release toxins and harmful hormones. It is no new thing that preparing well for a massage often pays at the end. Good, you now know about these things. To sum up, have in mind the steps and requirements involved before a therapeutic visit.